5 Must Know Rules for New AirBNB Hosts

Being successful as an Airbnb host is not all about landing a booking. In any case, it has a lot to do with what you do after the guests have arrived. As a host, how you relate to your clients largely determines whether they will use your premises again in future or not.


Unfortunately, the Airbnb website will not provide you with all this vital information. The pages are more concerned with safety, insurance, and regulations that touch on the client’s welfare, but do not outline what you need to know as a new host. Read along and get to know about some 5 must know rules for new Airbnb hosts.


First-time hosts need to think beyond the ordinary needs of their clients and consider in a little more depth why the travelers pay extra money to live in a stranger’s house. There are so many properties that the client can choose from, and to stand out as a host, observe these critical rules.


  1. Engage the guests in a manner that makes them feel at home away from home.


Your guests will be more comfortable if you stay with them the first few moments and engage in a welcoming activity. For example, you might offer to have a cup of coffee together with them while still setting up. This will play a role enhancing a sense of belonging and a lasting friendship.


  1. Point your guests in the right direction

You might not be an excellent tour guide, but at the very least you should be prepared to point guests in the right direction by answering their questions satisfactorily. Volunteer information about the fun places they can visit while putting up on your premises. Tell them about every great activity that you think will make them feel that they made the most out of their time at the end of the stay.


  1. Make your rental as charming as possible


Create unique features that people will remember as a way of grabbing their attention. Special features like modern Swedish décor, antique tub, or blush-colored linens will not hurt. These are just a few suggestions, but there is a whole range of antiques to choose from because you eventually want to turn up the charm. Make sure the mattress is comfortable because it is among the top reasons for lower back pain.


  1. Make them experience the local life as much as possible.


One of the reasons why guests pay for the Airbnb accommodation is because they want to experience life as the locals do. In the South, for example, hanging porches are such a big thing, almost like part of the culture. Give your guest a genuine experience by letting them engage in what the locals do. Imagine you were in their shoes and see life from their perspective. What would you like to do in your town if you were a visitor there?


  1. Manage your guests’ expectations


Your guests are most likely nervous about renting your premises. They will probably ask you many questions as they make the booking. You might be tempted to sugar-coat some details to make the premises more appealing. This is one mistake you need to avoid if you are not sure you will deliver on everything you promise them. Give them details of anything they need to know and ensure that the information is accurate to avoid disappointing them upon arrival.